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Haifa, IL, 3508504


Computer Graphics and Visualization Software Engineer


Novocure provides cancer patients with a novel treatment for aggressive cancers using Tumor Treating electric Fields (TTFields). We are developing new software platforms for TTFields treatment planning and management. These software products are being integrated into hospitals and clinics around the world, used by patients and doctors, and will become key elements of TTFields therapy. We are looking for a computer graphics/visualization software engineer to develop methods for visualization and manipulation of patients’ anatomical models and treatment simulation preparation. 



  • Revise and improve current computer graphics algorithms based on system requirements
  • Develop, implement and evaluate algorithms for new features.
  • Own the software visualization modules.
  • Collaborate with physicists, software engineers, and algorithm developers to integrate the computer graphics algorithms within the software platform.
  • Write documents and prepare presentations necessary for the development process, design reviews, patents, regulatory submissions, academic conferences and other scientific publications.



  • Qualifications:
  • BSc/MSc in computer science or electrical/computer engineering.


  • Knowledge:
  • 5+ years of experience in industry or academia in the field of computer graphics.
  • Proficient in implementing computer graphics / computational geometry algorithms.
  • Team player capable of working in a multi-disciplinary environment involving software engineers, physicists, algorithm engineers, and physicians.
  • Familiarity with AGILE SCRUM development
  • The following skills provide an advantage:
      • High level of proficiency in C# / Python / C++ / Java
      • Experience with medical data
      • Experience with machine learning methods in meshes